Careers with SaaS Chief

How we work

If you share our passion for SaaS and thrive in roles focused on revenue generation or customer interaction, SaaS Chief might be your ideal workplace.

Our tools and processes are meticulously crafted for peak performance, tailored to the needs of remote workers like yourself. Our motivation stems from the success and satisfaction of individuals, and we are committed to constant innovation, staying ahead of competitors in all aspects.

Operating on a SaaS model, we prioritize specialization—whether you excel in delivery or business development, each facet of the business offers distinct career progression, eliminating the need for a one-size-fits-all approach.”

Open Positions

We’re not currently recruiting for our team, but if you think you could be a good fit, we might make an exception!

Experience we look for:

  • Solid understanding of SaaS organisations
  • Strong experience in recruitment delivery or Business development
  • Experience placing Sales, CSM, AM’s, Sales Leadership or Technical Sales positions


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The Stack

Having the best tools to do your job is not something we take lightly. With our remote first policy, everything has to work, it has to work well and it has to work together.


We use Seven20 CRM, it’s purpose built for recruitment agencies and covers every aspect of the recruitment cycle, from business development, marketing and of course, recruitment its self. It’s been completely designed around customer facing and sales roles meaning candidates and clients are easy to find.


This was more of a straight forward choice, we use Zoom for all voice and video commination both internally and externally and our Slack channel is perfect for in house comms.

To get the job done

Whether you’re business development or recruitment focused, you need to know you can delivery effectively and efficiently. All consultants will have a full recruiter licence and Business developers will have access to a range of tools from Hunter to SalesLoft.


Personal brand and company brand are equally important, we recently onboarded Paiger which is perfect for sharing content across your network, looking for roles and researching companies. We’re also big believers in video, so make use of our Loom account for higher response rates.

Remote working

Fully remote, office equipment provided meeting up once per month for culture and team building.

Global worker

As long as you have a UK bank account and fixed address, we encourage you to travel and work!

Commission & Bonus

That’s right, we don’t just offer a highly lucrative commission package, we have a bonus scheme too!


When you grow, we grow, we offer an annual budget for you to spend on learning and development to bolster your skillsets.


Monthly, quarterly & annual incentives tailored to what you enjoy doing!

The Standard Stuff

Pension, Healthcare, wellbeing allowance, Maternity and Paternity